What is the common man?



                 A typical human is unleveled.
                 A typical soldier is 1st level.
                 A vetran is 2-3rd level.
                 An experienced individual or special forces trainee may be 5th level.
                 A person with significant experience may be 7th level.
                 A person who has reached a very significant degree of experience and took
                   risks to get there may be 9th level. (eg. An isolated commander of 1000

                 To go beyond 9th level, a person must take significant personal risks. This
                 is a platau point for humans. (Note: this is also the very highest level that
                 anybody, human or otherwise, can be trained to without personal experiences.)
                 Anyone with a title of "Duke" or "King" will likely have gotten enough training
                 and experience to be at this level.

                 A person may advance to 11th level by taking regular, beyond the edge personal
                 risks. Few, if any, rulers will make it to this point. Most who make it to this
                 point will be known by members of their own class, if not beyond.

                 There are perhaps two dozen 15th+ level humans in a nation the size of Seria.
                 are people who continued to push the edge and came out alive. Normally, they
                 stop pushing.

                 Dark Folk:

                 A typical dark folk (orc) is 1st level.
                 The numbers beyond that are similar EXCEPT that non-uruk making signficant
                 advancement tends to be culled.

                 Numbers beyond 9th level are much rarer than for humans.

                 This means that the average orc will defeat the average human, but against
                 anyone with military training will have a 50/50 shot of coming out alive.


                 A typical dwarf is two levels higher than the typical human, which means that
                 a 7th level dwarf is not uncommon.

                 The "9th level" plateau still holds, however, and where a 15th level human
                 is impressive, a 15th level dwarf is legendary.


                 A typical elf used to be unleveled, but reduction in population has made this
                 impractical. Now a typical elf is 1st level. (Forest elves, who are more
                 minded are typically 2nd or 3rd.)

                 Beyond that, the normal level comparissons apply, as does the "9th level

                 However, it is worth mentioning that very few elves ever push past the plateau.
                 Those that do, tend to be the ones who push WAY past it--the 24th level elf lord
                 revealed in wrath is a good image.

                 Half elves:

                 Similar to elves, but with one signifcant difference. They almost never push
                 past 9th level. The overactive fear of death that plagues the half-elf makes
                 them reluctant to take the risks necessary for the further advancement.