The Nikaeda (known internally as the Tate ("settlers")

The race of men known as the Nikaeda ("niche finders") are not well known among the other races. They tend to occupy lands and spaces that nobody else uses, and tend to stay well remote other sentients.

Physically, they are a short people, ranging from 4-5 feet, with the average healthy man being about 4'6". Their skin is darker than that of most other races, but is somewhat remarkable in that it changes with need (slowly..over the course of a month or so.)

The Tate are very territorial as a race. They show hospitatilty to other members of their own tribe, but generally distruct members of other races, and discourage interaction with them. The one exception to this is that they get along relatively well with dwarves, presumably because the isolationist nature of the Steadings is so compatible with their own beliefs.

The Tate are also survivalists, focusing on skills and professions that support their choice of habitats. Common among them are barbarians, rangers and rogues. There is also a solid place for bards, druids and monks. There are few clerics, paladins and other classes that require reliance on others for success. Interestingly, they also shun magic for the most part, except that they are quite skillful with rune magic, which they presumably learned from the dwarves.

What worship they do give to the gods tends to be limited, and generally only to a few of the gods. They normally focus on Kamar the Builder, Kura of Artem, Kylie of Spirit and Moriga of Vengance. Public worship of any of these is considered acceptable.

The spirit of the Tate is the desire to be left alone, not so much because of their dislike of others, but because the others brought the curse of the Dotogoni (mind flayers.) The Tate, like the others tribes of men, do not really remember how they got to this place, nor what happened before, but they have ancient lore warning them of the illithid, and reminding them that the overly numerous others are an encouragement for the expansion or arrival of the illithid.

Language: Tataluga (as designed for the Magus Island folk)

    tate settlers
    mazweno wayfinders (rangers)
    toka shelter/home
    myembo harsh
    tana wall/barrier
    cojara volcano (fire mountain)
    nyame otherland (land not ours)
    ingime otherfolk (people not ours)
    laya land/place
    barucha rune magic
    kazibaru rune mage
    Dotogoni Illithid (mind gorger)