The Tribes of Man

The Quenda

Although thought of as "the Serians" it is more than simply the nation of Seria. It also includes much of the population of [tbd] plus the barbarian clans to the north. Somewhat Celtic, they are considered to be "rude and primitive" by the more "civilized" countries to the South. Their politics and art tend toward the direct. Art tends toward the stylized, not representational. Not much emphasis on written literature, but an elaborate bardic tradition. The Serians are a Cluadran clan; other clans (which do exist within the nation of Seria) are the Gaella, Angla, Padricta, Aidana and Haelandra. Physically, the Cluadra are light-skinned, tending toward wiry or medium build, and somewhat tall. Hair color ranges over black, brown and red. The Cluadra are the only tribe with redheads, and red hair is a badge of honor within the tribe, especially when combined with the striking blue eyes that are also a hallmark of the Cluadran. (Flaming red hair is considered the best.) There is a Cluadran legend that the tribe is part elven ("one eighth"), those with flaming red hair and pale-intense blue eyes are held to express this most strongly, and to be more likely to become great wizards, warriors or bards.