A Tarbek Proverb

                     Ko bushke Tarbeki na,
                     Skaa da umpa do,
                     Bek da bunde do,
                     Eku da kala doka?

                     What does a Tarbek need,
                     but the wind in his face,
                     a lance in the hand,
                     and a good horse to ride?

                 Translator's note:  There are a couple of levels of
                 wordplay in this proverb.  First, 'skaa' can mean either
                 "wind" or "spirit", so an alternative translation of line
                 two might be "a good spirit within."  As the Tarbek worship
                 Skaal, the Stormlord, there is not a fine distinction in
                 the language between the two concepts.

                 The remaining wordplay is earthier: 'bek', while literally
                 meaning "lance," is common slang for the primary male organ.
                 And 'kalanda eku', "riding the horse", is also a common
                 euphemism for sexual relations with a woman.