The Missing Children

We return to Lohrin and Kalan, looking a little frazzled from their recent travels and Owl Bear encounter. They file their encounter report with the Lead Guardian who, upon hearing of the Owl Bears quickly assembles and dispatches a well-outfitted company to track, hunt and kill the remaining Owl Bears.


After some much needed rest, relaxation and time to get acquainted with the town of Dell, Lohrin and Kalan are called on to the present themselves to Lord Phillipe. Lord Phillipe is the reigning heir to the dutchy of Ridlen, and as such has the guardians at his beckoned call. Upon arrival, Lord Phillipe introduces Imp Y Ceyln ("Bud" for short) a ranger from Rhynn. Dispensing all idleness, Lord Phillipe tells of a troubling report that he has recently received. The report details the unexplained disappearance of two children in the town of Lir. Lir is a small agricultural town north of Dell.


Lohrin, Kalan, and Bud pack quickly and make haste to Lir in hopes of finding the children. Upon entering Lir, they briefly peruse the town and notice the average assortment of buildings including: 1 small White temple, 1 Medium-sized Green temple, a town meeting hall, a marketplace, a small guard building, and a small collection of craft shops. They check in, and introduce themselves to the local town guards Flick and Din.


Flick the senior guard proceeds to tell us that he has already performed a "through" investigation and that we were wasting our time as there were no clues to be found in regards to the missing kids. With persuasion he begrudgingly tells us what he knows… The missing children are David and Dana, and they are the five-year-old twins of Luke and Darra who live about two miles north of town. He then assigns Din to lead our group to their residence. On the journey there, Din informs us that Flick is not the best investigator, and believes that he never visited the parents or homestead of the missing twins.


We arrive to find Darra distraught, but working within the house. Darra is in her early 20’s and has black hair. Talking to her reveals that the children have been missing for 3 days. Additionally their favorite places to play are in the yard, field, and by the river. A final question reveals that Flick had actually never visited their house and looked for evidence of any kind.


Bud sets to work tracking the kids. The trail leads from the back yard, through the fields and lead to the river. There we are able to find where one had entered the river and returned. Then on a wider sweep, we found a spot about 200 yards north where both had entered the river, and no sign of exit on either shore. Fearing the worst, we follow the current south, and re-acquire their tracks at a small bridge. Now on the far bank and heading north, we are rewarded with tracks ¼ and ¾ of a mile north of the bridge. Traveling north another ½ mile, reveals a path leading into the woods, and a continuance of the one we have been following up-stream. Taking time to validate our course, bud was completely unable to acquire the twins tracks on either path. With nightfall close at hand, and needing additional information regarding the lands east of the river, the party returns to the town of Lir.


Upon further investigation, the town is bestowed with two taverns. The "White Night" looks to be the prim and proper tavern, and "Jim’s" seems to be the tavern for the common man. While walking to "Jim’s", we are aware of some "activity" in the meeting hall, and decide to split up to check out the town. Kalan excuses himself to the Green temple, and Lohrin checks out the White. Bud proceeds to the meeting hall to check on the "activity". Both Kalan and Lohrin find nothing of consequence. Mitris at the White temple was leading a special "recovery of the children" service.


Bud however, having chosen to check out the meeting hall, finds himself in the hotbed of town activity. The farmers and townsfolk are in heated debate and arguments as the possible whereabouts and fortunes of the missing twins. Theories supporting everything from the mundane to the wildly supernatural could be overheard. The room and arguments had all had an edge to them, and soon enough a fight broke out. Bud was obligated to defend himself and decked Jed one of the fight instigators, and one other. Kalan and Lohrin arrive to help clean up the incident, but no real information could be gathered other that everyone was uncommonly edgy.


Returning to "Jim’s" we settle down to a good meal and ale. Questioning Jim about the children reveals that their father Luke was in the tavern about a week ago and was acting irritated and somewhat bitchy. He was ranting about the lord of the land who lived in town of Tors, and how he could be of more help. With our stomachs full, and our minds perplexed we bunked down for the night.


More to come…

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