Travels to Ridlen


Lohrin and Kalan find themselves in the town of Meceda. Recent graduates of the military academy as Guardians, they find themselves with a leisurely four-week period before they need to report to active duty. By the luck of the draw their first posting will be in the town of Dell located in the dutchy of Ridlen.

They choose to spend some quality time in their favorite drinking establishment call the Fishermans Hook. Fez the bar keep has been good to them in the past, and celebrates the recent grads. Telling Fez about our new posting to Dell, he is the first to label us as "Farmer Boys". Enjoying the laugh, we eat and drink and relax the afternoon away.

Later, we seek Fezís advice regarding "adventurous" travel routes to Dell. He informs us of a boat docked at pier #14 that is heading to Middleton. Thinking that would be an interesting way to start our journey, we take his advice. He tells us to inform the boats captain that we will "Trade Swords for Shoes".

Meeting the surly captain, we exchange greetings and give him the pass phrase, and are given passage to Middleton. The trip is relatively uneventful except for the stormy seas that have Lohrin green and puking the majority of the time. He was briefly labeled "Puke" by the captain and crew, and Kalan was nice enough not to taunt him with it significantly.

Middleton is a bustling port town, full of elves, traders, and assorted wanderers. Our adventuring guardians check in with the local lead guardian. They find Frin, who welcomed them to town, and informed them that tonight the "Wrestling Room" was the local watering hole with the best action.

Fresh from the academy, the boys were looking for some action, but what they found was a bar dedicated to fights and brawls. They sit, drink, and make the best of the night. First on the ticket was "The Mangler" vs. a real Ogre! The Mangler was looking well abused, a natural result of living in the ring. While the Mangler took some additional abuse, he was finally declared victorious when he knocked the Ogre out cold.

Next on the docket was "The Squirt" vs. anyone. While they were looking for a challenger, Kalan assessed the halfling, and exuberantly announced that he would join "The Squirt" in the ring and fight.

The fight was proceeding relatively well, and Kalan was holding his own. He was able to deliver some successful blows to his competition, but was sustaining damage himself. Lohrin sitting at the back of the bar thought he would help he friend and compatriot. Just as Kalan was delivering a wicked punch, Lohrin attempted to cast a "Sleep" spell on "The Squirt".

The results were devastating. Not however as one might expect. As it turns out "The Squirt" was a 10th level Blackstar mage, and was humored by the attempt. He took Kalan completely out of the picture by delivering a magical punch. His magic was then directed toward Lohrin, and was completely effective in its purpose.

As it turns out "The Squirt" a.k.a. Raven was accustomed to cheaters and had developed a uniquely effective punishment. While Kalan was allowed to wake and heal naturally, Lohrin was kept under spell for the evening. While he retained his full mental capabilities, he was subjected to and could not resist as he was forced to serve the bar patrons and Raven himself while dressed as a woman. Humiliation has a way of making lasting memories, and in this case, a new bardic song for the sharing. See "The ballad of Lorraine".

To help Lohrin escape his embarrassment, they leave town deciding to report to Dell early and get acquainted with its amenities. During the eight-day journey, they bunked down for the night near the border of Greenlen and Ridlen. During the night Lohrin and Kalan were attacked by what they later discovered was a juvenile owl-bear. Taking some vicious wounds from the beast, they were eventually able to dispatch it. While recovering from the encounter, two adult owl-bears appeared on the horizon causing the guardians to flee for their lives on horseback. With enough evasive moves, they were able to ditch their assailants, and finished their travels to Dell without further incident.