Humility points are special skill awards given to characters who perform deeds of embarrassment above and beyond the call of duty. Simple fumbles or mistakes do not qualify for this presitous award. Rather, the recipient must either show extreme arrogance in their ability to perform well, or the miss must be so spectacular that people are likely to remember it for years afterwards.

Humility is a granted-only wisdom based skill. It can not be trained. The skill has no specific use, but may be called upon by creative characters. Grovelling before a really pissed off superior might be one possible use of this skill.

Kalen - "Was it Good for You"

Awarded the first Humility point for his spectacular performance after a Senatorial party in Lyndin. Using his exceptional charisma to win the favors of a senators daughter, he boldly asked her afterwards "How was that, baby?" She told him. (Player, unbidden, decided to roll to see "how he did." Needless to say, he rolled a "1.")

Bud - Crash Davis honorary "Couldn't hit water" award

Bud, the master archer sighted his target. The pressure was on, but he was confident. Over the next several seconds, he let fly with six of his chosen weapons. 5 of which managed to critically injure the dangerous wall behind his target. (Player needed a natural 4 or better to hit, and the dice were NOT with him. Fortunately, his pet wolverine managed to roll 18 or higher on 4 of HIS next six attacks and finish the villian off.)

Lohrin - The "Who's the Dame" award

Lohrin was the first to earn an award, but only the third to actually receive it. In his first outing as a new guardian, he chose to assist his friend Kalen with a minor prank. The master wizard, on whom the prank was played did not appreciate the joke, and Lohrin spent the evening serving drinks to the local patrons in a beautiful chiffon number. The full details of this are documented in the ever-popular Ballad of Loraine.

Lyta - The "Look Ma, no hands" award

During an epic combat with a white dragon, Lyta announced a daring plan to climb on the roof of a hut, leap on the dragon's head and do massive damage from this vulnerable position. Deftly, she climbed to the top of the shack, then with such grace as it would make one weep, slipped back off--knocking herself out and falling prone under the dragon where only her protective armor kept her from being crushed outright.